Sunday, July 17, 2011

It is time to inspire people again........

At this point in the history of spaceflight, it is time to inspire people once again. Inspiration can spring from exposure to any number of things. Cinema is often one of those forms of media that enthrals people and get them excited about any number of topics. In the summer of 1984, a science fiction adventure film of incredible technical merit was released to the public by Universal Studios. The film in question told the story of a young man who steps out of obscurity to become a great and talented warrior. The name of the film was ‘The Last Starfighter’, a film that would help usher in a new era for CGI in film as well as capture the imaginations of thousands. I was one of those individuals whose imagination was fueled by every aspect of this film, especially that of the spacecraft design. The first new project for which Seraphim Aerospace Systems will seek funding is that of a short film based on this cinematic work. I will have to create a functional, 1/8 scale model of the finest spacecraft in the film itself, the Gunstar. In contrast to the original work's heavy CGI, physical models will be used to ad a greater sense of realism. The completed craft as well as film will be unveiled later this year, the 25th anniversary of the film, at a yet to be determined venue. It is my hope that those who lay their eyes on the Gunstar for the very first time or those who revisit it once again will themselves get involved in the new space race.

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